Bed Bug Fumigation

Bed Bug Fumigation Miami

What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

Once virtually eradicated in the United States, bed bugs are now becoming America’s pest nightmare. Because bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers, no place is immune to them – homes, apartments, even five-star hotels. And once inside a residence, bed bugs can be very difficult to eradicate.

Bed bugs are difficult to control because they are hard to find. During the day they will hide inside box springs and mattresses, furniture, children’s stuffed animals, carpeting, drapes, behind baseboards or in any crack no bigger than the thickness of a credit card. They also live inside televisions, computers, remote controls or other sensitive electronics that cannot be treated with steam, heat or insecticides without risking damage.

Bed bugs also can be difficult to control because some are resistant to the insecticides commonly applied for crack and crevice treatments. And to solve the problem, all bed bugs – eggs, immatures and adults must be eradicated. If an insecticide or other treatment does not eliminate bed bug eggs, those eggs will hatch to re-establish the infestation. Bed bugs are not resistant to fumigants and because only one fumigation treatment is needed to eliminate bed bugs, that can make fumigation a more cost-effective option than multiple treatments, which may or may not control the problem.

There are three facts about fumigation and it’s ability to get rid of bed bugs

First, it is effective against all life stages of bed bugs, including the difficult to control egg stage. Second, there is no resistance of bed bugs to Fumigants as they are to insecticides. Third, fumigant penetrates into cracks and crevices, into furniture and any other hiding places – yes, even into sensitive electronics – to eliminate the pests. Once the fumigant has been held in place long enough to ensure control, it is released. A single fumigation treatment when used according to label can eliminate all of the pests.

Options To Beat Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be eliminated from sofas, recliners, box springs, mattresses and other furniture by doing a containerized fumigation. Household goods can be fumigated in a trailer, truck or storage pod. Or bed bugs can be eliminated from the entire structure including its contents by having the building sealed with tarps for whole structure fumigation. Whole structure fumigation for bed bugs can sometimes cost less than multiple treatments with insecticides.

Bed Bugs – How To Identify a Bed Bug…​

Bed bugs are flat-oval shaped insects that feed solely on blood. Bed bugs are small in size and could survive for over a year. Female bed bugs lay 1 to 5 eggs daily and can reproduce about 500 offspring in their lifetime.

What does a Bed Bug Bite Look Like?

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases but, when bitten, one can develop serious sores, redness, and itching.

Bed Bugs are Difficult to Control

Bed bugs are stealthy insects. During the day they will hide inside of box springs, mattresses, furniture, children’s toys, carpeting, drapes, behind baseboard, and/or any crack no bigger than the thickness of a credit card.

Bed bugs also reside in televisions, computers, remote controls, and other sensitive electronic devices. Electronic equipment is fragile and cannot be treated with steam, heat, or insecticides without disking damage to the equipment.

The difficultly increases as some bed bugs are resistant to the household bed bug insecticides commonly bought at the department stores and applied for crack and crevice treatments.

If not treated properly, bed bugs will continue to reproduce and re-establish the infestation. Bed bugs are not resistant to professional fumigants and can be treated with only one service – that’s why you should Hire a Professional Pest Control – Extermination Company. Click Here to Contact Termite Doctor Today!