Termite Control

Termite Control Services in Miami

Termites cost US homeowners $5 billion in damage every year and most insurance companies don’t cover it!

Nature has made termites tough. They survive millions of years clearing out dead trees and other plant debris from forest floors. That is invaluable in nature, but when termites turn their superb eating skills onto your home or business it can be devastating.

Termite queens can live from 15 to 20 years, while some may live up to 50. If conditions are right in your home or business, they’ll stay and reproduce constantly, and fast. It only takes 2 to 3 years for them to produce a swarm, which may consist of as many as 60,000 termites.

At this size, a colony can devour a foot of 2×4 in only 6 months. And since termites are masters at going undetected, entire support beams can be destroyed before they’re even discovered.

Termite Dr. Dry wood Termite Tent less treatment advanced methods and the latest Termiticide Technology!

Imagine using a computer from the 1990’s. You could still get things done, but at a much slower and simpler pace. It just wouldn’t make sense today.

Yet while technology has advanced around us, termiticide chemistry has remained virtually the same. You probably didn’t notice, but the manufactures of the termiticides that Termite Dr. uses sure did. And decided to do something about it. By mimicking a substance found I certain tree bark, scientists were able to create a breakthrough mode of action that works unlike any other termite control product on the market.

The chemistry of products used at Termite Dr. targets and paralyzed the mouths of termites to stop them from feeding within hours. It also clings to their bodies undetected and enhances social behavior so that it is spread quickly throughout the colony. Your home or business is termite free within three months and fully protected for years to come.

Ther termiticide used provide long term structural protection by controlling termites and leaving residual protection in surrounding ares so that termites don’t return!

In fact, studies show that when used just one application protects your home from termites for years to come.

After treatment, there are simple steps you can take to ensure maximum results, including:

1. Keeping shrubbery trimmed and away from home or business.

2. Clearing gutters of the water and debris.

3. Making sure indoor and outdoor plumbing remains leak free.

4. Sealing cracks in foundation, patio, steps, siding, screening or protecting crawl space entry and inspecting screens or covers on your outdoor attic exhausts.

5. Correct conducive conditions that allow termites to survive and invade a structure such as repairing water leaks and wood in contact with soil.

6. Getting yearly inspections to make sure termites haven’t returned.