Termite Fumigation

Termite Fumigation in Miami

Termite Fumigation for WDO Termites (Wood Destroying Organisms)

Tent Fumigation is a process in which the house is covered with a tarp, while the fumigant is released inside to eliminate pests. The tenting process is usually 24 to 48 hours long while using Methyl Bromide or Vikane Gas. Both gases are entirely odorless, colorless, and free of any residue. Chloropicrin is often added to the fumigation process to ensure that people do not enter the premise.

Once the fumigation has been complete, the exterminator returns to begin the aeration process which last 6 to 8 hours. Once all processes are completed, the exterminator will confirm that the home is safe to enter. Tent Fumigant removes a vast amount of termite species such as subterranean, drywood, and flying termites.

The product labels we utilize in our fumigation process are Vikane & Chloropicrin

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